Master Key Week 24- Commencement

Well, here we are.  This is our final week of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience.  This has been an AWESOME journey!  I’m AMAZED at how far I’ve come since September and how much I’ve unlocked of my world within.  I’m also amazed that I’ve actually been able to blog for 24 weeks!  LOL

I recall my very first blog and the worry and anxiety I had over this portion of the course.  This has been my first blogging experience and I must say that I have actually enjoyed it.  What I’ve really enjoyed the most have been the comments and encouragements I’ve received from my fellow MKMMA family.  I don’t consider myself a “motivator” or “coach” by any means and that’s not my focus/goal when I write my blogs.  This particular blog was really just a means to capture some of my thoughts, experiences and feelings during this journey and process.  So, when I’ve received comments stating that what I’ve written has been inspirational I’m quite humbled and at the same time proud that I was able to touch someone in that way.  I’ve also been quite humbled with all of the encouragement I’ve received when I’ve written about weeks that haven’t gone so well for me.  Thank you all who have made comments and/or have liked me blog!  🙂  Reading other members’ blogs has also been a WONDERFUL JOY.  I, too, have been encouraged and inspired by others’ blogs

I thought I’d be sadder this week that this experience is ending.  I’m not sure if it’s because this is also Holy Week in the Christian church so my week has been filled with preparations in my dance ministry for Easter as well as Mass and services that my mind hasn’t really settled on the fact that Sunday is Commencement and our final webinar.  I’m going to go with the fact, however, that it’s because it IS our COMMENCEMENT; it IS our BEGINNING.  Therefore, I’m NOT sad because this is NOT the end; it IS the BEGINNING!  The work that I’ve done the past 24 weeks doesn’t end here; really, it begins.  I have the Blue Print Builder, the 5 step Progression, methods and tools I need to manifest my PPNs and my DMP.  I have the Law of Giving and know that when I give more I’ll get more.  I have the 7 Laws of the Mind, the Mental Diet and the Law of Least Effort to go by keep my mind focused.  I have Og, Haanel, Emerson and Wattles to refer back to for motivation and reminders.  I have a mastermind alliance and I know how to form other alliances to focus together and be in harmony toward achieving whatever purpose we put our minds to doing.  I have Unlocked my world within.  I have let go of my banana; my old blueprint.  I have drafted my new blueprint and will continue to design it as needed.  This isn’t an ending process but a process of continuous improvement.

So, as I approach Sunday I am not sad.  I am GRATEFUL to have been able to be part of this experience.  I am AMAZED at how much I’ve learned and grown in such a short amount of time.  Yes, it’s been 6 months but, really that’s very short when thinking about the fact that my old blue print has been with me 42 years and in just 6 months I’ve been able to create a new blue print!  It’s not perfect; there are times when the old wants to rear its ugly head but, just the fact that I can recognize this and that I KNOW HOW to change the OBP is AMAZING!  I am EXCITED to begin the next phase of my “Hero’s Journey”.  As I said above, this process is continuous and we see that in the circle of the “Hero’s Journey”; it doesn’t end.  There will be more to change, more adventures to accept, more abyss’ to enter and exit a better person; a better Hero; a better Observer!

I’d like to give a SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to Mark, Davene, Trish, Dave, Dayna, my guide Maria, Digital Divas and Divo and anyone else that has made Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience and EXTRAORDINARY course!  I am not planning to be at the live even this year (unless something changes which is entirely possible) but, I will plan to be there one day and look forward to meeting you all as well.  I will continue this experience as a lifetime member and also one day as a guide.  Thank you also to my fellow MKMMA classmates and all of the sharing, masterminding, encouraging that you have provided.  Thank you again my loving sister, Flo Bradley for introducing me to this course, supporting and encouraging me along the way.  I’m looking forward to the webinar on Sunday and my COMMENCEMENT!

Until next time because it won’t end here…

Master Key Week 23- Complete Silence

I finished my complete day of the Silence.  It was easier than I thought it would be but, still very strange not having ANY noise, conversations, communications, etc.  I was glad that I was able to schedule and complete a full day.  It began Friday evening and lasted until 10:00 AM on Sunday when I had to break the Silence to serve at church.

I wasn’t really sure what to do during the Silence.  During the week last week when I did momentary spurts of Silence I simply sat and meditated or read Haanel, Og, Emerson or Wattles; it was mostly sitting though but since it was momentary it wasn’t too difficult.  However, just sitting for an entire day (or more as we were tasked) seemed nearly impossible.  But, it wasn’t.  I still woke up early to start my day and did my meditation, prayer, and daily readings as normal.  Then I did a Sit for about 30 min.  Then I just rested.

I hardly ever get a chance to just rest; I mean truly rest where I’m not planning anything, watching TV, reading, etc.  Normally, my “rest” is me catching up on chores or TV shows.  Basically, if I don’t leave the house and I’m not working, then I’m “resting”.  However, I’m not truly resting.  So, during my day of Silence, I got to truly rest.  After my morning Sit, I just relaxed in bed for a while.  I nodded off and took a nap.  When I woke up I did another Sit for about 15 min then got up and got dressed which I didn’t have to rush to do.  I was able to enjoy the little things like the smell of my shower gel and the luxrious feel of my body lotion.  Then I went downstairs and sat on the couch and just sat and meditated, pondered and enjoyed the day.  I had lunch, did my daily readings and Sit again.  Then enjoyed the day.  It was such a beautiful and warm day.  I was able to truly appreciate Spring approaching.

I had put my phones on ‘do-not-disturb’ so I wasn’t distracted by alarms, notifications or texts.  Most of my immediate circle was aware of my Silence observation so I wasn’t worried about getting any calls.  However, if there was a true emergency, then those who would need to reach me could get through the ‘do-not-disturb’ mode; fortunately, there were no emergencies.

I was a little disappointed in my day of Silence though in that I didn’t have any major “ah-ha, epiphany” moments.  I think my expectations were very high and I would come out of it with some new revelation.  However, I didn’t let that feeling settle on me too long (thank you Mental Diet).  I reminded myself that this is a process and epiphanies, changes, etc, aren’t going to happen immediately and with a single, complete day of Silence.  During the whole 2 weeks when I was able to observe Silence, the main thing was that I was able to have time with myself and be more introspective.  As the Law of Practice states “….I practice daily and perform AMAZINGLY because of practice!”  I have a daily practice of Silence during The Sit; however, I also try to take other moments of the day to observe Silence as well such as when I’m driving.  I will work full days of Silence into a regular routine and it is my goal to extend it into at least 3 full days.  That will require me to actually go away so I’ve been looking into places that do silence retreats in the area.

I would encourage everyone to do this and observe at least a full day of the Silence.  It is important for us to take this time to be alone with ourselves, with our world within, with our Spirit, with our God and just relax and reflect.  As a Christian I enter into Holy Week next week (Week 24) and will spend many days in Silence and reflecting on Jesus’ service, sacrifice, death on the cross and rejoicing in His Resurrection.  This is an opportune time for those who are Christian to take a day or two or three to observe Silence.  Imagine the REJOICING that will come on Easter Sunday after having all the noise around us “die” and allowing ourselves to just be still.  Then, we can CELEBRATE our COMMENCEMENT; our beginning; our resurrection on Sunday with our final webinar.

Master Key Week 22A- Continuing the Silence

This has been a very “quiet” week as I’ve been attempting to capture as many moments of Silence that I can.  I am actually entering into my full day of Silence and was supposed to have done my blog entry yesterday (i.e. Thursday) so I wouldn’t have to go online but, I forgot.  So, here I am making my entry.

It’s been a quiet but, obviously, introspective week.  I want to complete my moment of Silence so I’m not going to spend much time in this entry.  I may continue it on Sunday when I come out of my day of Silence or I may add an “extra” blog post to capture my complete thoughts of this 2 week process.  But, for now, I will just say that this has been a challenging but, very much necessary process.  I’ve observed periods of Silence in different ways over time; i.e. giving up radio and/or TV at Lent but, never have I attempted to go a full day without simultaneously interacting with anyone, being online, watching TV, etc.  So, combining those things during the week as best I could and now striving to do a full day of it tomorrow (i.e. today, Saturday) has been and will be very interesting.  I’m somewhat concerned about completing it because my son has been back from college for spring break and tomorrow is his last day before going back.  He hasn’t been staying at home so I don’t know if he has planned to come by for his last day/evening before leaving.  That’s the only thing that would disrupt my Silence.  I’ll let you know how this goes.

Until next time…

Master Key Week 22 – “Silence is Golden”

I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to do a blog or not this week since we are supposed to be “unplugging” and removing distractions but, then I saw in our workbook that we should still blog this week so, here it is.

I’ve been observing periods/moments of silence this week as best I could.  I am planning to do at least one day of silence within this two-week time frame (I’ll need to remember to do my blog early next week if I’m going to succeed in doing so) but, so far it’s just been for a few hours in the evenings and also unplugging from my devices (i.e. no FB, no email except for work, no texting, etc.) as best I could for most of the day.  As Easter is approaching, I also thought this would be a great time to plan at least a day of silence during Holy Week.  My goal is to try to observe silence from the time Holy Thursday Mass ends until Saturday night Easter Vigil (I may take a moment to pause, however, to attend Good Friday Mass as well).

As I was sitting here tongiht thinking about what to write in my blog the phrase, “Silence is Golden” came to mind.  This phrase is often used to imply that at times it is best to say nothing.  But, I wondered if this was the true meaning of this phrase or, as with many things, had this meaning evolved over time.  So, I searched (gotta love the Internet…yes, this is me plugging back in but, only for the purposes of this blog.. 😉 )  This is what I found from The Phrase Finder website at

Silence is golden


A proverbial saying, often used in circumstances where it is thought that saying nothing is preferable to speaking.


As with many proverbs, the origin of this phrase is obscured by the mists of time. There are reports of versions of it dating back to Ancient Egypt. The first example of it in English is from the poet Thomas Carlyle, who translated the phrase from German in Sartor Resartus, 1831, in which a character expounds at length on the virtues of silence:

“Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life, which they are thenceforth to rule. Not William the Silent only, but all the considerable men I have known, and the most undiplomatic and unstrategic of these, forbore to babble of what they were creating and projecting. Nay, in thy own mean perplexities, do thou thyself but hold thy tongue for one day: on the morrow, how much clearer are thy purposes and duties; what wreck and rubbish have those mute workmen within thee swept away, when intrusive noises were shut out! Speech is too often not, as the Frenchman defined it, the art of concealing Thought; but of quite stifling and suspending Thought, so that there is none to conceal. Speech too is great, but not the greatest. As the Swiss Inscription says: Sprecfien ist silbern, Schweigen ist golden (Speech is silvern, Silence is golden); or as I might rather express it: Speech is of Time, Silence is of Eternity.”


I love this excerpt and to see how it links to everything we’ve been learning in the MKMMA Experience and our challenge for these two weeks to go into Silence.  The first statemement sums it up and has been what we’ve been experiencing and what we’ve been striving to accomplish through our daily Sit- to fashion together great things so that our DMPs “may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life, which they are thenceforth to rule”.  YES! 🙂

But, what really grabbed me in this excerpt and what’s even more powerful is that “Silence is Eternity”.  I link this to everything that we’ve been reading in Haanel in that in the Silence we can connect to the Universal Mind.  For me, this is God, who is all Eternity!  Therefore, it’s something that is always there; we can always rely on the Silence for insight and guidance; for access to our Power; our world within; our connection to God; the Universal Mind.  We must implement that Law of Practice along with the Law of Relaxation to fully enter the Silence, breathe it in and be comfortable in the Silence.  Who knows what we may find.  Silence is Eternity so we have infinite potential and possibilities available to us.  I’m looking forward to entering the Silence for an extended period but, at the same time I have some slight trepediation about what I may find in the Silence.  But, I’m using that as a tool, right?!  So, only positive things will come out of the Silence!  I can’t wait to unlock what may be latched.  Look for that blog post to come…


Master Key Week 21- “Tools” in Disguise

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Unworthiness
  • Hurt Feelings

These are the 5 “Tools in Disguise” that the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Experience will be revealing to us this week.  How can we use these 5 emotions as tools rather than continuing to follow our OBPs and using them as catalysts to keep us in our comfort zones?  The past 2 weeks have been spent thinking on this and masterminding among ourselves ways in which we can use these as tools before the MKMMA facilitating team reveals this to us.

Last week I wrote about the first 3, Anger, Fear and Guilt.  I was able to easily see Anger and Fear being used as tools.  Guilt came a little later as I read other members’ comments in the Alliance area.  However, Unworthiness and Hurt Feelings were still a mystery to me as to how to use them as tools.  So, I focused on those two this week.  How can Unworthiness be used as a tool?  How can Hurt Feelings be used as a tool?  After the webinar this week something clicked in me; seeing these as tools is a matter of perspective.

This week’s webinar focused on Miracles and changing our perspective about Miracles.  Not seeing Miracles as necessarily something huge and magnificent in nature but to look at the Art and the Act of Recognition to be able to see Miracles everywhere and in everything.  Similarly, I think that changing my perspective on Unworthiness and Hurt Feelings allows me to use them as tools rather than letting them use me and keeping me locked in my comfort zone.  As with most things it comes down to a choice.  Do I choose to wallow in my hurt feelings and feeling unworthy or do I choose to take whatever situation surrounds why I’m feeling that way as a lesson and learn from it?  I choose that latter!

One Alliance post this week mentioned that Unworthiness often comes from us comparing ourselves to others and feeling as though we’re not on the same level or higher than someone else.  Going back to the idea of Miracles and Miracles being everywhere and in everything, then I KNOW that “I AM nature’s GREATEST MIRACLE”!  However, not only am I nature’s greatest miracle but, so are you and you and you!  Therefore, what is there to compare?  Why am I comparing myself to you and you and you?  Why am I feeling unworthy?  We ARE ALL Nature’s GREATEST MIRACLES!  We ARE ALL UNIQUE!  We ARE ALL WORTHY!  So, the  next time I’m feeling unworthiness and comparing myself to others, I’ll stop!  I’ll use it as a tool instead to say “such and such may have this but, I AM WORTHY, I AM UNIQUE, I CAN DO this”!  “I AM Nature’s GREATEST MIRACLE!”

Now, what about Hurt Feelings?  The same holds true for those.  We can either chose to wallow in our hurt feelings or choose to use them as tools to dig deeper into our world within and “unlock” more of that world.  So, the next time I have hurt feelings I’ll ask myself, “Why am I feeling hurt?”  “Why am I giving away my Power within; my Power to think for myself; my Power to substitute a negative thought for a positive one?”  It’s often quoted that “Hurt people, hurt people”.  So, if someone has said or done something to hurt me; hurt my feelings, then instead of wallowing in them and going back to my comfort zone, I will acknowledge that this is a “hurt person”.  I forgive everyone so, I forgive this person.  I “greet this day with love in my heart” so, I love this person.  In doing so I’ve used my hurt feelings as a tool to be a better observer of my world within.  I may also be able to use my hurt feelings as a tool to grow closer to that “hurt person” by letting the person know that what was said or done had hurt my feelings but, that I forgive them and that I love them and maybe my forgiveness and love will help them no longer be a “hurt person” who hurts people.

Once we learn to change our perspectives and no longer allow anger, fear, guilt, unworthiness or hurt feelings to control us then these will no longer be “Tools in Disguise” but, they’ll be Tools we can Use to dig deeper into our world within.


Master Key Week 20- Finding the “Tools” to Unlock Me

A challenge this week was in looking at 5 emotions emotions/thoughts that typically paralize us from moving forward and realizing our dreams; i.e. keep us stuck in our comfort zones.  Those 5 things are:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Unworthiness
  • Hurt Feelings

Most people when trying to motivate someone to move past these things will suggest overcoming the feeling, working through it, letting it go, etc.  But, not the Master Key Experience, no, instead they suggested “using them as tools”.  Wait…what?  Huh?  Tools?  How in the world am I supposed to use fear, anger, guilt, unworthiness and hurt feelings as tools?  How can these things help “Unlock Me” and help get me to manifest my PPNs and fulfill my DMP?

In meditating on these things this week and reading others’ comments in the Alliances area, I’m slowly begining to see how I can use these as tools.

  • Anger– I start with anger because this was the easiest for me to make the connection.
    • First, before, I go into how this can be a tool; I must note that I had an “ah-ha” moment on the webinar as it relates to anger.  It was noted that sadness is an internalized form of anger.  This was HUGE for me because often times I don’t “get angry” and sometimes I’m confused when I feel that I should be angry about something but, I’m “not”.  However, in those times, I AM often sad.  So, now it makes sense that in those times I AM ACTUALLY angry; I’m just internalizing it so it comes out as sadness.  Of course, now the question I need to answer is “why am I internalizing the anger?” instead of facing it and addressing it in whatever situation that’s causing the anger.  As I’m reflecting while typing it’s probably because of the confrontation that comes with it that I am avoiding.  So, I get into my “comfort zone” (which is ironic because there’s nothing “comfortable or comforting” about it…those crazy peptides my cells are addicted to) and internalize the anger instead of confronting the issue and that leads to sadness.
    • So, now, how can I use Anger as a tool?  My first realization is using anger when I am actually angry and that’s the feeling that’s being expressed (as opposed to internalizing it as sadness).  During these times, I often cope with the anger by either exercising or cleaning.  When I do this then the anger becomes fuel to energize me more to push harder when I’m working out or to keep me more focused and energizes me to get through doing chores faster and therefore I get more done.  Because I’m exercising or cleaning the anger and stress is being released and by the time I’m done I feel so much better.
  • Fear– Fear I see myself using as a tool to help me grow.  In a simple example, I’ve used Fear to help me be more outgoing and adventurous.  I’m afraid of heights; mostly “low heights” like climbing a ladder or standing on a high balcony.   However, I also get a little fearful at higher heights.  So, I take that Fear and face it head-on by doing outgoing and adventurous things such as ziplining, riding roller coasters or skydiving.  In these cases, Fear was a tool that lead to a more exciting, fun and fulfilling life.
  • Guilt– I had some trouble identifying how to use Guilt as a tool until I came across a comment in the Alliance section.  The person mentioned that she hadn’t been able to do a lot of the activities and exercises because of travel.  She felt guilty that she had missed so much and that guilt pushed her to catch up on her MKMMA experience.  That was my “ah-ha” moment for Guilt.  Guilt does often push me to do more if I had promissed someone or myself something and hadn’t completed it yet or if I didn’t exercise one day then I may double up or extend a workout another day because I felt guilty.
  • Unworthiness and Hurt Feelings–  I’m still struggling with seeing these two as tools.  I’m continuing to go into the Alliances section to search for comments surrounding these as well as concentrating on them in my Sit but, so far I haven’t yet observed these as tools.  But, I’m still searching.  I’ll be very interested to see how these are revealed as tools on the webinar in two weeks.


Master Key Week 19

I’m so glad to have had the Power Pose this week!  It definitely helped me through some difficult days.  Days when I felt like crying or was crying, I’d stand in front of the mirror in my Power Pose saying the Gal in the Glass and after the first few lines, I’d stop crying and be smiling by the end!  There is definitely power in the poses!

It’s been difficult getting this blog out this week (moreso than usual).  I don’t have many words although I feel like I should since the Lesson for the week was so powerful along with the Power Poses.  It was a good week but for some reason I’m not feeling too reflective.

I enjoyed the movie “I Am”.  If you haven’t seen it, the main point is that in answering the question “What’s wrong wtih the world?” and “What’s right with the world; how do we fix what’s wrong?”  The underlying answer to both is, “I Am” and that if we all can focus less on commercialism and greed and more on kindness, then we can make small changes in the world.